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Trophy Take Back

Well, today I had to give back my trophy.

If you may recall, I made kind of a big deal out of completing a difficult task last week.  I felt pretty accomplished and good and stuff about it.  So, when I got called into the administrator’s office today and asked about my sweet report I couldn’t have felt any prouder.  I carried that mental trophy over my too big head like a crown.

During the meeting I reached across the desk to point out a detail that maybe could have gone unnoticed, and when I swung my clumsy arm back around I managed to clear the entire right side of his desk.  As in business cards this way, daily flip calendar thingy that way (and, I might add as a person who has never owned such an item, I was surprised to learn that they are double sided and reverse order and it was not simple to just flip it back to May 21st.  No, it went something like April then June and I looked like a flabbergasted kindergartner trying to quickly figure out a CALENDAR in front of my boss’ boss.)

So yeah, that happened.

I will work harder at being more mediocre, avoiding proud ego trips to the administrator’s office which clearly end in ginormous fails.

The end. Hopefully not of my career.

trophy take back 2



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