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3 Days 3 Quotes 3 Nominations (Day 2)

I was nominated for the Power of 3 Challenge by the wonderful SK Sandhu.  Her blog is full of beautiful quotes, and I thank her for the nomination.

For day two, I was looking for the line in Huckleberry Finn that describes Huck getting all educated and sophisticated and trudging through another tough, orderly, cumbersome day and then finally sneaking out for a peek at the moon when all is quiet.  He describes in two sentences the beauty of an unadulterated moon in the sky, how big it is and how little you feel, but in a good way, like there’s more out there, just waiting for you.

But now that I want it I can’t find that quote.

So instead I present to you another neat quote, one describing the curiosity and wonder of living on this Earth, how bumping unexpectedly into something can bring out a surprise longing in your heart, whether for good, bad or otherwise.  In this particular quote, Huck has run away .  While hiding out and sailing down the river, a lightening strike highlights the form of a crashed abandoned steamboat.  He describes the longing like this:

“Well, it being away in the  night and stormy, and all so mysterious-like, I felt just the way any other boy would ‘a’ felt when I seen that wreck laying there so mournful and lonesome in the middle of a river.  I wanted to get aboard of her and slink around a little, and see what there was there.”

Maybe it captures something ethereal, being able to physically touch an emotion, to connect with something else that’s really an extension of yourself.  I don’t know, but it caught my attention.

Mark Twain, if you haven’t tried his work, you’re missing out!



Rules are simple and easy to follow:

*Thank you note to the person who nominate you

*Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days .

*Nominate three new bloggers each day.

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