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Fitness Friday #wtf #4

Just doing a little check in, you know for **accountability.**

I signed up for FIIT Bootcamp with the amazing Kali B.

More than signing up, I showed up for the first class.

More than showing up for the first day and busting my ass for nearly an hour, I showed up for the next class, too.

So basically, I probably lost about 50-75 pounds since Monday and got approximately 10-15% more stronger.

Just putting it out there, in case, you know, you see me on the streets and don’t recognize me.  I maybe look a little better than I did, say, Sunday…

lol.  Good luck to all those out there getting their fitness on.

Peace out!


This is not my meme.  I found it on Google.  Which  brought me to Pinterest.  Which brought me to a site whose name had the word paleo in it but took too long to load so I gave up.  I’d put the address here, but with my luck it’d probably be porn, so if you love it, it’s on the world wide web.  Promise.


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