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Becca Meets her First Five LIVE!


After Becca got super dumped on TV, like the dumping of all things horrible, she was introduced as the next Bachelorette.  She somehow agreed to take this run again, and she was able to meet the first five contestants LIVE.

In her glimmering golden dress, she first met Lincoln.

Lincoln Ep 00.jpg

Lincoln seemed so sincere when he said he was sorry for what Becca had been through.  Becca swooned over his accent.  It was his birthday.  I gave him a heart because I hope to see more of Lincoln.

Then came Chase.

Chase Ep 00.jpg

I gave Chase a pretty hard time based solely on his photo.  His live in person personality was a bit better, but honestly not anything I swooned over.  Meh.


Then came Ryan.

Ryan Ep 00.jpg

He has this really loud suit I couldn’t quite get over.  Then he played the banjo.  Yeah, that’s cool.  Yeah, it would be fun to hear him sing while he did dishes some day at home.  Yeah, his looks will take him places in life.  Still not sure I would be head over heels for this guy.

Then came Darius.

Darius Ep 00.jpg


Even though the compliment factory was working overtime, I appreciated his appreciation.  Hopefully he’ll see more in a potential future wife than just her looks.  But one heart for trying!

Finally came Blake.  Not to be outdid by the banjo, though.  Oh, no.

Blake Ep 00.jpg

Blake brought in a real, LIVE horse!  “If you fall off the horse…” I think we can all finish that cliche, but what a nice guy for trying.  Also, when he helped her on the horse all man-like and showed the entire world what AMAZING legs she has, he almost accidentally almost showed what her lady goods looked like.  It was too awkward to give a heart, but thumbs up for trying!

Now, onto Night One, where we are overwhelmed by all the new faces… I can’t wait!


Becca Ep 00.jpg

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