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Becca’s Bachelorette, Limo #2

First out of the second limo was Joe.

Joe Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

His first words were, “About time.”  Real positive, patient, prepared said no one ever.  Then he forgot everything he was going to say.  ANOTHER red X for you.  Good night, bye bye, get outta here.

Next up was John.

John Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

He gave a sweet quote from his grandmother. Nice, but not stand-out-ish.

Then Leo, who I will refer to as Caveman from here on out.

Leo Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg


Leo let his hair down, you know, to relax and enjoy the evening.  When Becca commented that he “has hair like my sister,” I immediately gave him a red X.  I am pretty sure it was a compliment, but seriously.   Not my thing.  But he’s kind of funny.  His one liners are hilarious, so I might recant the red X if he keeps that up purely for entertainment.

Then comes Jordan.  Gotta love Jordan.

Jordan Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg


Jordan took six hours to dress himself for the evening.  I love that about him.  He obviously cares, dresses to impress, and has the get-ready-to-leave skills of a toddler.  Also he appears incapable of speech in front of Becca, more like this is a business dinner than suiting a future wife.  However, his one liners and genuine shock at others’ choice in evening wear leaves me speechless and then gasping for air with laughter.  We need Jordan.  Becca doesn’t really need him, but we, the viewers, must get more of this guy.

Then comes Rickey.

Rickey Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

Rickey’s screen time is short, but when he says, “you’ve got all the adjectives flowing for you” in such a flattering way, well, he gets a heart for that.

Men, if you’re reading this, you should say things like that to your wife more often.  Just saying…

Next up is Alex.

Alex Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

Alex got approximate one half of a second of air time.  Becca complimented his loud tie, which makes Alex feel pretty “badass.”  However, I feel like he’s going to immediately call his little sister and thank her for the wardrobe choice.

Next up is Nick.

Nick Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

Nick is an attorney and clearly enjoys confrontation.  He wore a race driver suit out of the limo, made a few crass remarks about her ex and then removed it.  But that was all he had, so there’s that…

Lastly, out came Mike.

Mike Ep 01 Limo 2.jpg

Mike literally brought out a life size cardboard cutout of Arie.  I think he had good intentions, but he brought a life size cardboard cutout of her ex.  Red X from me.

Let’s hope the next limo is a little better.



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