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Becca’s Bachelorette, Limo #3

First out was Lincoln.

Lincoln Ep 01 Limo 3.jpg

Lincoln not only brought a piece of cake, but had the foresight to share with Becca.  Anyone who has ever worn heels for more than two seconds knows that this creature comfort, on most likely an empty belly, will take him far in this game.  Another heart for you, Lincoln.

Then came Chase.

Chase Ep 01 Limo 3.jpg

Chase is still a big question mark for me.  A little better than my initial reaction to him, but his line about the chase making the ending that much better, well that was pretty smooth.

Next out was Darius.

Darius Ep 01 Limo 3.jpg

They showed him for approximately .0001 of a second, so my guess is he doesn’t last too long.

Last out of this limo was Ryan.

Ryan Ep 01 Limo 3.jpg


He still had the loud suit, but this time his words spoke louder in the best way possible.  And he left the banjo elsewhere.  Bonus.   I think?

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