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Becca’s Bachelorette, Limo #1

First onto the scene is Colton.

Colton Ep 01 Limo 1.jpg


Colton started things off with a “bang” when he delivered a confetti cannon to Becca, which she seemed to enjoy.  When she commented, “I kinda want to keep this,” Colton enthusiastically agreed, earning another heart from me.

Next out of the first limo was Grant.

Grant Ep 01 Limo 1.jpg

I feel like he meant well when he brought up the past, but then he immediately told her to forget the thing he just reminded her of.  Douche move.  Big red X from me.

Next out came Clay.

Clay Ep 01 Limo 1.jpg

Clay had definitely rehearsed his lines and they came out pretty smooth, despite being all football cliches.  Forgivable.  He’s trying.

Next came Jean Blank Blanc.

Jean Blanc Ep 01 Limo 1

Jean Blanc redeemed himself when he had her try to speak French, and supposedly she said, “Let’s do the damn thing.”  I don’t know French, but if this is true he may have redeemed himself.

The final contestant out of Limo #1 was Connor.

Connor Ep 01 Limo 1.jpg

Connor pulled the ol’ Proposal position on Becca, which I learned from another blog was a repeat of Becca’s first meeting with Arie the Arsie.  If this is true, I can maybe forgive it as thoughtful.  Otherwise what a lame move.  Buh.  Bye.


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