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The Brightest Stars by Anna Todd

The Brightest Stars by Anna Todd is a beautiful love story of two young adults trying to make their way in this world.

What I Disliked: I hated the ending!  The book was SO GOOD and I was SO ADDICTED that I couldn’t put it down.  But then, when it ended so quickly, I felt frustrated, forgetting all the beautiful poetry woven between the previous hundred pages…

(Side rant.  This is what 50 Shades and Twilight did to us, people.  They made it OK to leave readers hanging at the end so you’ll dash out and buy the next book.  It works, but it’s maddening!  Like, just finish the story and sell the series together.  Don’t make us wait months or years for the next book they keep teasing us with.  Bull shit if you ask me, lol.)

What I liked: I LOVED this book.  It was sweet and romantic and patient.  It was reality and optimisms intertwined delicately and beautifully.  It was poetry.  I loved how it wove the title in to the story line so artistically.  I would recommend this book to every romance book lover.

Where to find it: I found mine on Amazon Kindle for less then $6.

Brightest Stars meme


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