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Book Ughs

You know, sometimes a free book falls in your lap and you just gotta give it a try.  Sometimes I am surprised by a total win.  Other times I get a lackluster feeling of ambivalence and am unable to finish a book.

I listed a few of my Ughs below.  By no means does this mean these books are bad, it just means they weren’t my style.

  1. Taboo by Susan Johnson.  Set back in the 1700s, it focuses on the love between a French army man and his captured Russian bride.  It immediately started out on the first page with the love story, but it was too taboo for me, so I quit reading about page three.  If you’re into historical romances or cheating spouses, this book may intrigue you.  I had to pass.
  2. Last Chance Cowboy by Leigh Riker.  This is a modern day cowboy story, complete with cattle rustling and cowboy boots.  However, the lead female drove me absolutely insane with her wish-washy selfishness, and the male leads haphazard way of handling things didn’t improve anything.  This is maybe why I shy away from books where the lead character has a child.  I’m all for having kids, I’m just not all for jerking the kid around at your whim.  Yeah, life happens, people make mistakes and deserve grace, but people like this lead leave me irritated.  Not how I want to feel when picking up a romance.
  3. Boyfrenemy by Sosie Frost.  This is a modern day big city meets small town type smut book.  It had potential, and the puns were exceptional both in amount and craftiness, but there was no romance.  It was one of those books where the lead characters degrade each other with every sentence leading to sex.  At one point I think the lead female even says something like, I hate to admit how much I like getting degraded.  Yuck.  Blech.  I wish I never read any of it.
  4. Complicated Parts by Ashley Jade.  This is definitely a complicated relationship that goes from bizarre to almost unbelievable to sweet and kind in a matter of three sentences.  It didn’t hold my curiosity, but it may hold yours.
  5. The Stone Brothers by Samantha Christy.  This was all right for a free Kindle Unlimited read, but I only made it about a quarter of the way in before, big surprise, the author brought a pregnancy into the picture.  I love babies and life, but I hate when authors desperately revert to this as an excuse to keep their leads together or as a hurdle they have to overcome.  There are better ways, I promise!

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