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Wired by Julie Garwood

“Wired” by Julie Garwood is a romantic suspense.  My favorite kind.  This one leaned a bit more on the suspense end of things, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

What I disliked: I disliked the awkwardness of the female lead; I prefer strong female leads.  I think the author was relating to the younger awkward audience who still gets rattled by a slightly older but good looking male.

What I liked: I loved the suspense and enjoyed watching the female lead kind of “come into her own,” so to speak.  I also enjoyed pretending the fantasy that I could be a computer hacker (completely false as I can barely find my way to the internet most days lol).

Where to find it: I found mine at Target, but you can get the Kindle copy for less than $8.  To be quite honest this book is kind of forgettable – I just read it a couple months ago but I can barely remember much of the book other than a dysfunctional family, a computer hacking FBI theme, and an awkward attempt at young love.  I wouldn’t pay that much again, but if you’re in your early 20s this book may be much easier to relate to.


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