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Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

I picked up “Don’t Go” by Lisa Scottline about a year ago thinking it was a romance.  It was not, but it was so much  more.  I loved this book, as agonizing and real as it was to suffer through life with the character, I would read it again in a heartbeat.

What I disliked: I usually put a book down once a child comes into the picture.  I don’t want my free time focused around someone else’s drama.  Yeah, babies and life is a beaituful thing, but I feel like when it’s inserted into a book for drama it is a complete desperate attempt.  However painful the reality of the child was in this book, the book simply wouldn’t have existed without the little girl.

What I liked: It was a poignant reminder of how war comes home with our men in women in military uniform.  It describes moral injury to a T.  It was frustrating and beautiful at the same.  Though it wasn’t a romance book at all, the elements of love strung throughout were deeply moving.

Where to find it: I purchased mine at a used book store (the best used book store around.  LOVE that place).  You can find yours on Kindle for less than $9.  Totally worth it if you’re looking for an emotional piece.



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