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Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline is a captivating lawyer story through and through.  So much so that I read all 500+ pages in less than two days.

What I disliked: I disliked the romance.  It was in there for a purpose, but it kind of rolled off like my 90 year old granny describing a tryst she had in her 30s.  I also disliked the baby.  Always a book wrecker for me.  There were so many details.  If a character was in the book for a paragraph or less, at least 3/4 of the paragraph described what he or she was wearing.  Also the end.  Kind of.

What I liked: I liked the court room suspense, the girl power lawyer as lead, and the true life story it referenced to.  I liked the feelings of fixing something broken and flawed.  I liked the many inferences to different ways to perceiving law and justice.  (I had a copy in my hand so didn’t Kindle highlight favorites.  Kind of wish I did now.)

Where to find it: I bought mine on a whim at the local grocery store as I had liked a previous Lisa Scottoline book.  You can get a Kindle copy for less than $9.  If you’re looking for a courtroom lawyer story, then it’s definitely worth the price.


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