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Helping is one of three books in the series put out by Berryland Books.  They are small, soft covered and board pages. What I disliked: It's all right. What I liked: I liked that it is soft and colorful, perfect for the young toddler to grasp onto.  My kids never sat through all the words on… Continue reading Helping

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Discovery Farm

Discovery Farm is a fantastic cloth book intended for infants.  Each page is interactive with detachable plush animals or fabric doors that open; it was a favorite for each of my kids. What I disliked: I loved it. What I liked: I loved that it was fabric, exposing infants to the basic of reading -… Continue reading Discovery Farm

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Baby’s First Book of Prayers by Melody Carlson

Baby's First Book of Prayers by Melody Carlson and Illustrated by Judith Pfeiffer is a fun book filled with quick four line prayers.  I imagine these being used with infants and toddlers as a step to early prayer. What I disliked: It's a bit old fashioned but sincere. What I liked: I personally didn't grow… Continue reading Baby’s First Book of Prayers by Melody Carlson

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Who’s in the Garden?

Who's in the Garden is a soft, bath book in the shape of a tulip put out by Garanimals, perfect for helping bath time fly by for infants and toddlers. What I dislike: I have no criticisms. What I like: I love that it is water proof and intended for the bathtub.  This would also… Continue reading Who’s in the Garden?