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Lifetime Worst or Personal Best?

Well, my glorious blogger people, I hit two personal records in the same week.  Setting any humility that I may have aside, I will attempt to brag here a bit. Personal Record #1: I improved my personal best mile average with 2+ miles on the treadmill.  Now, I don't mean to brag, but I started… Continue reading Lifetime Worst or Personal Best?

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Midweek Reading Update

Wowza.  This week has been an emotional roller coaster. Not my life.  My life is perfectly stable and boring.  But the books.  Oh the books. First I read Bone Music (AWESOME btw) which is this strangely powerful book about overcoming anxiety, but in a psychological thriller kind of way.  Way too cool.  Like, so cool I… Continue reading Midweek Reading Update

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Cheers to the Gentlemen

When I read this quote earlier this week from Alice Hoffman, "Some people know the exact moment when they've lost everything.  They can look back and see it plain as day and for the life of them they can't understand why didn't spot the situation as it was happening" in her book Here on Earth, it shot… Continue reading Cheers to the Gentlemen

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Mindless Rambling. Not worth your time to read…

I came across Everyday Strange's post featuring The Sound of Silence, a song by Simon and Garfunkel (one of my mom's favorites so of course it caught my attention).  ES mentions that the song has been popping up again lately and connected the song to a figure skating video featuring Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres, a French… Continue reading Mindless Rambling. Not worth your time to read…

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Find a Perfect Moment Challenge, Week One

I challenged myself to be more optimistic for the next month or so, to see if it really works. The answer clearly is yes.  The more I connect those dots in my head in a positive direction, the easier it will be to get there the next time.  I'm not even sure why I need… Continue reading Find a Perfect Moment Challenge, Week One

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It’s not the lie that’s the problem:

I think we can all agree that lies create deep gorges between two people, gorges that take extraordinarily purposeful effort to heal.  I think the quote above is meant to define the space lies create in relationships, but I think it can also be stretched to mean the space lies create within ourselves. I was… Continue reading It’s not the lie that’s the problem:

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Awfully Optimistic

I've been blessed to run across a very positive blog that I would like to share.  Anthony at "Today's Perfect Moment" inspires me to see the good in the ordinary.  His posts always find some sort of perfection in everyday things, whether on a bus or on a bike, in the classroom or out, and… Continue reading Awfully Optimistic