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Sweet Dreams

So tomorrow are finals and I've got myself in a tizzy - nervous stomach, lips are sore apparently from chewing them, muscles tired from overexertion and mind reeling from final efforts at memorization.   Your basic it's-finals-tomorrow-and-I-feel-unprepared nervousness.   As a last ditch effort at relaxation before I headed to bed, I swung by a favorite old blog… Continue reading Sweet Dreams

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Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson

Aaron's Patience by Tiffany Patterson is an intense love story, I think. What I disliked:  I really hated how overbearing the male lead was.  He was possessive, demanding, and unrelenting.  Therefore, I hated how weak the female lead was.  I liked her in the beginning, but I liked her less as the book went on. … Continue reading Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson

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Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy

Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy is a fun little romance hidden within a romance.  It captures that awkward young adulthood/dating scene well and puts into words the insecurities many of us had "back in those days" lol. What I disliked:  There were so many details - ten pages at a time describing an event that… Continue reading Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy

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Versatile Blogger Award

I was so excited to open my blog the other day and find that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you so much to the Educated Unemployed Indian for this nomination.  If you get a chance hop  on over to the blog and check out the photography and inspirational quotes. So,… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

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Perfect Moments Week #2

I am happy to report that week number two was a lot easier when it came to finding perfect moments.  Intentionally seeking out the good is working out, well, pretty darn good! Here's the run down: (I didn't even feel the need to pull over to the side of the road to capture the perfect… Continue reading Perfect Moments Week #2

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I need your help!

In our school district, the teachers invite parents as Book Club Leaders for the fifth grade.  A dozen or so of us show up dutifully each week to invite the kids into our world of reading.  It is enjoyable to see other book lovers in my community, devoted adults hoping to inspire kids to see… Continue reading I need your help!

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“We’re not going to fall. We’re going to soar.”

Congratulations to the Eagles on their win last night, felling our Vikes and soaring to the Super Bowl. Though I can't say I was rooting for the Eagles last night, I just may in a couple weeks.  IF they quit trying to steal our chant that is. I mean, honestly, the chant is all we've… Continue reading “We’re not going to fall. We’re going to soar.”

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You have to ask in order to receive it.

Though this line has more to do with family and relationship struggles, it took on a personal/religious meaning for me this week. When driving home from class last week, I let my mind wander freely and uninterrupted.  I was scared when this free brain roaming led straight to my biggest fear: losing my family. I… Continue reading You have to ask in order to receive it.