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Personal Stories

You have to ask in order to receive it.  Posted 1/21/18

It’s not the lie that’s the problem. Posted 1/20/18

When It Rains It Pours Posted 1/10/18

As the calendar changes, so do I Posted 1/7/18

My Winter Wonderland posted 1/1/18

Baby It’s Cold outside posted 12/29/17

My Christmas Anthem posted 12/29/17

Yay!  An Engagement! posted 12/25/17

All kinds of cheeks posted 12/22/17


A Christmas Miracle? Posted 1/6/18

The Apples of My Eyes posted 12/27/17

Don’t bring home the class pet.  Posted 12/20/17


Treadmill Fail Posted 1/9/18

Parenting Fail posted 1/12/18

Tech Fail posted 1/1/18

Medical and Religious Fail posted 12/30/17

Dead Serious Fail posted 12/19/17