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I just realized today, a year into this blogging expedition, that I have nothing written in my "About" section.  I feel like that is a blogging sin, something I should repent for should I choose to worship it... But I don't. I will, however, firmly plant this post here so the next time I think… Continue reading About

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All kinds of cheeks

Hey everybody!  I ran into the greatest blog today and thought I'd share two things.  1.  The information in this blog because it is EXACTLY what I was looking for exactly a year ago, so maybe it'll save you a buttload of time surfing the world wide web like I did.  And 2.  It made… Continue reading All kinds of cheeks

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Don’t bring home the class pet.

All right, moms and dads of this world.  If there is one piece of advice I can give you right now, it's don't be the hero. Just don't.  Say no. Say, "No, my little mini me, you may not bring home the innocuous looking little pet turtle from your class for the weekend. It will… Continue reading Don’t bring home the class pet.