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What’s in a BMI? Fitness Friday #WTF #2

BMI, BMI, you and I, my BMI. So, what's in a BMI, and why is it important? That's a question that has been rumbling through my brain lately.  I almost didn't research it at all thinking that I should know it already and how embarrassing would it be to get caught researching something that should… Continue reading What’s in a BMI? Fitness Friday #WTF #2

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Fitness Friday #wtf

So, fitness.  Yeah. How can I possibly put a puny bit of horrible fitness information out there in the blogging realm and get away with it? Alliteration, obviously. So here it is: Fitness Friday, From a nonFit Food-loving Female. How's that? Pretty much awful? Agreed lol.  So, I will instead use this as a warning that… Continue reading Fitness Friday #wtf

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Lifetime Worst or Personal Best?

Well, my glorious blogger people, I hit two personal records in the same week.  Setting any humility that I may have aside, I will attempt to brag here a bit. Personal Record #1: I improved my personal best mile average with 2+ miles on the treadmill.  Now, I don't mean to brag, but I started… Continue reading Lifetime Worst or Personal Best?