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Parenting Fail

Just a little personal story I don't want to forget. Last night I was snuggling with both of my kids in the bottom bunk.  We had a little flashlight hanging from the top so I could read a chapter of "The Hatchet" to them.  They each have assigned sides - my son always gets my… Continue reading Parenting Fail

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The Apples of my Eyes

Hey everyone!  I bumped into a couple awesome bloggers today and thought I'd share.  I started by exploring David Snape's blog, which looks to me like he has built an awesome community of bloggers who come together to share their talents with the world, together, in a lovingly united way.  I loved this concept and… Continue reading The Apples of my Eyes

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Don’t bring home the class pet.

All right, moms and dads of this world.  If there is one piece of advice I can give you right now, it's don't be the hero. Just don't.  Say no. Say, "No, my little mini me, you may not bring home the innocuous looking little pet turtle from your class for the weekend. It will… Continue reading Don’t bring home the class pet.