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Treadmill Fail

I was thinking about my treadmill the other day, and it got me to thinking about the first time we met, a treadmill and I. It was a long time ago.  I was still in college, and in order to fight the freshman fifteen I registered at the local gym, which ironically was the third… Continue reading Treadmill Fail

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The calendar is changing, but so am I

Wowza.  It's almost mid January and I am just now feeling rested and prepared to hit the books again.  I guess the U schedulers knew what they were doing. Last year was a gigantic year of change for me.  I went from full time stay at home mom to a waitress to part-time substitute teacher… Continue reading The calendar is changing, but so am I

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Christmas Pageant Fail

My daughter was chosen as Mary for the Christmas pageant at church.  As any mother can attest, this is ultimately the biggest compliment we can be given.  Well our children, but basically us, the Moms, the people behind the scenes raising little Marys.  Right? Well, read on to hear how I was humbled tonight... About… Continue reading Christmas Pageant Fail

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Liebster Award (2)!

I had the great fortune of being nominated twice within minutes of each other for the famous Liebster Award.  I am quite honored that the second nomination came from The Cheeky Cyclist.  Cheeky does an amazing job laying out bicycling information and tips, and it comes from someone who biked over 500 miles in a… Continue reading Liebster Award (2)!

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Christmas Kindness

So what's with the jolly looking sharks avoiding precious little candy cane hooks you ask? This is my new holiday anthem, only I haven't figured out the song to go with it... Maybe just the crinkle sound of wrapping paper? Or maybe I'll have to pay more attention in July when Shark Week rolls around… Continue reading Christmas Kindness