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Nursery Rhyme Funtime

Nursery Rhyme Funtime is a fantastic pull-the-tab book filled with lively pictures and fun rhymes, perfect for preschoolers. What I disliked: Our toddlers loved them, but each time they tried to pull one of the tabs they inevitably ruined it.  Luckily there were many, and the book was high quality, but there's no way I… Continue reading Nursery Rhyme Funtime

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Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muff is an old nursery rhyme written in a short board-book. What I disliked: No criticism. What I liked: I loved the board book cut out n the shape of a kitten.  It adds a fun element to spike toddler reading.  It is also very short, so after the fifteenth time or so… Continue reading Little Miss Muffet