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The Sun Maid Raisins Play Book

The SunMaid Raisins Play Book is a perfect way for your toddler to play with their food, while letting you get something of your own done nearby 🙂 What I disliked: It's a cute book, but I felt the OCD compulsion to wipe it down after each use. What I liked: I think it's a… Continue reading The Sun Maid Raisins Play Book

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I need your help!

In our school district, the teachers invite parents as Book Club Leaders for the fifth grade.  A dozen or so of us show up dutifully each week to invite the kids into our world of reading.  It is enjoyable to see other book lovers in my community, devoted adults hoping to inspire kids to see… Continue reading I need your help!

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Christmas Pageant Fail

My daughter was chosen as Mary for the Christmas pageant at church.  As any mother can attest, this is ultimately the biggest compliment we can be given.  Well our children, but basically us, the Moms, the people behind the scenes raising little Marys.  Right? Well, read on to hear how I was humbled tonight... About… Continue reading Christmas Pageant Fail

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The Apples of my Eyes

Hey everyone!  I bumped into a couple awesome bloggers today and thought I'd share.  I started by exploring David Snape's blog, which looks to me like he has built an awesome community of bloggers who come together to share their talents with the world, together, in a lovingly united way.  I loved this concept and… Continue reading The Apples of my Eyes