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Perfect Moments Week 3

I am excited to announce that I had seven perfect moments within the first few days of the week, so this project is definitely becoming easier and more of a habit.  I like it (singing in my head like Bruno Mars). Perfect Moment #1 I put more miles on my treadmill in the first six… Continue reading Perfect Moments Week 3

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Perfect Moments Week #2

I am happy to report that week number two was a lot easier when it came to finding perfect moments.  Intentionally seeking out the good is working out, well, pretty darn good! Here's the run down: (I didn't even feel the need to pull over to the side of the road to capture the perfect… Continue reading Perfect Moments Week #2

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Find a Perfect Moment Challenge, Week One

I challenged myself to be more optimistic for the next month or so, to see if it really works. The answer clearly is yes.  The more I connect those dots in my head in a positive direction, the easier it will be to get there the next time.  I'm not even sure why I need… Continue reading Find a Perfect Moment Challenge, Week One

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Awfully Optimistic

I've been blessed to run across a very positive blog that I would like to share.  Anthony at "Today's Perfect Moment" inspires me to see the good in the ordinary.  His posts always find some sort of perfection in everyday things, whether on a bus or on a bike, in the classroom or out, and… Continue reading Awfully Optimistic